Thank you for reviewing our herd sires.

We are very proud of the records our herd sires have achieved and of the partners with whom we share ownership of these bulls. Because the sires included are the basis for the breeding program at the farm, utmost care is taken in their selection so that no surprises show up in your program, or in ours. Some sires have widespread appeal, whereas some are designed with emphasis on a few specific traits, but we do believe we have sires that can be used successfully in any Angus or commercial herd.

You will notice a strong commitment to carcass quality, along with performance traits, which should help ensure profitability and acceptance as these genetics are applied in the beef industry. When only about 20 percent of the black-hided cattle will meet the quality and yield specifications for Certified Angus Beef®, there is little doubt we need to make genetic improvement in carcass traits. You will note 20 sires in this group with proven carcass EPDs by progeny evaluation, and several young sires with the genetic potential to surpass even them. Our progeny evaluation program is one of the most comprehensive and progressive to be found - designed to keep us and our customers competitive in this rapidly changing industry.

Visit our semen page for prices and ordering instructions. Feel free to call or stop by the farm if you have questions on how any of the sires might work in your program.

Photos listed in alphabetical order.

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